Dromana Family Doctors provides allied health services including podiatry.

Meet our podiatrist – Brandon Farag

Brandon Farag is a passionate podiatrist who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science/ Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University. He takes pride in making his own mark with his patients and creating personalised treatment plans to get them reaching their goals.

Brandon has extensive knowledge in musculoskeletal injuries, foot and ankle pain, and has managed high risk wound patients. He enjoys tennis and has previously played rugby in the senior’s division at Seaford Rugby Club.

Brandon takes pride in being a podiatrist and applying evidence-based practice in all his treatment modalities. Moreover, staying up to date with current evidence and applying these principles in practice is one of the many ways he aims to better himself as a podiatrist.

What can podiatry do for me?

Brandon specialises in treating any condition that results from poor gait biomechanics. This may include pain or discomfort in the feet, legs, knees, hips or back. For example, common ailments he successfully treats include plantar fasciitis / heel spur pain, achilles tendon issues, morton’s neuroma, shin splints, patello-femoral syndrome (runner’s knee) and many more.

He also specialises in the treatment of acute sporting injuries such as tears, sprains and fractures, with a strong focus on injury prevention. Brandon uses Shockwave therapy which has been found to be an effective treatment for predominantly tendon injuries and orthopaedic conditions. For example, he has successfully treated heel spur pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy and shoulder calcific tendinopathy.


Brandon provides orthotic prescription, prescribing the most appropriate orthotic for an individual’s needs i.e. sport, occupation, footwear etc. To clarify, he understands how important it is to get the orthotic right for YOU and consult a professional orthotic lab to manufacture our devices, both hard and soft, depending on your needs. He ensures a detailed examination and assessment precedes the prescription of custom orthotics.

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